Monday, January 29, 2007

Community Gardens

Some history:
Several of us "virtual volunteers" have had this idea of get some community gardens established in the Gulf Region. The soil should be far less toxic to work with and to grow edibles in, so we are working toward getting some established.
Lynn, the program director of Katrina's Angels has stepped up to the plate and is working very hard to make this plan a reality. She has a lead on some financial assistance to bring in containers and soil, an expert in Southern horticulture to assist in teaching folks and assisting throughout the growing season.
What we need now is the donation of land. If you or a civic organization has some land they would be willing to donate - and it needn't be a lot - please contact Lynn. Her email is in the msg below. Thanks!

Hello: We have an expert from Mississippi State University willing to work with groups to help get a community garden started. I don't have all the details yet but I think there will be expert advice on how to get the highest yield for the least room.The people are willing to meet with locals in Jackson or Hancock counties to help get the project started and support until harvest.If anyone has land they can volunteer for a community garden or is a FEMA park and has some neighbors that would be interested as well, please let me know. This would be a great project for a community or individuals to supplement their food supplies, beautify their living space and meet some new friends.
Please email me at ProgramDirector@ katrinasangels. org and we'll get started.

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