Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grant Assisting Building Inspection

County hires 2 new building inspectors
Dec 27, 2006, 09:04

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors subscribed to the theory that two is better than one as they hired two people to lead the county building department when current building official Mickey Lagasse leaves at the end of this month.
Current county inspectors Jerry Beaugez, 36, and Anthony Cuevas, 37, will share combined duties as the top building officials in the county.
Lagasse who resigned last month, stayed on until his replacements could be chosen. He said the decision to hire two officials was recommended by the county's Planning and Zoning Board.
Supervisors agreed to promote both Beaugez and Cuevas and give each a $10,000 a year raise.
Lagasse had received a $21,000 raise six months ago for his dual duties as building department head and head of planning and zoning.
Both Beaugez and Cuevas said they are looking forward to the new position and they will work with each other to make sure residents get the same services they have always gotten.
"There is a lot of rebuilding still to be done," Beaugez said. "We understand the fact that a lot of people need our help, and that is what we are here for."
"We want to do our best to help people get back to normal," Cuevas said.
Building departments have been in the spotlight since Hurricane Katrina. The top officials in Waveland, Bay St. Louis, and the county have all resigned since the storm.
Last June, supervisors approved the international building codes for all structures in the county. The county building department also received a $500,000 grant from the state to assist in the implementation of the codes as well as assist with personnel and salaries.

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