Saturday, January 13, 2007

Buy A Cotton Throw

Found by Karen
Eight years ago, artist in residence, Henry Gonzales created a drawing that captured the beauty and magic of Bay St. Louis. That drawing was put on a beautiful blanket that immediately became popular with locals and visitors alike. The late artist and his widow, Yvette, graciously donated the rights to his artwork to Hope Haven Shelter ( - scroll down)
to be used as a means to raise money for the shelter. Hundreds of throws were sold when they first came out, maybe as many as 3,000 between 1998 and 2002. We stopped ordering them in 2003 because the sales fell and the price for a minimum order was several thousands of dollars, and we just couldn't justify tying that much money up. But now, because of Katrina, we have tested the waters once again with a small order, and found that people love them as much as they did before. So many of the people who owned them before had lost them in the storm and were thrilled to learn they could replace them.
The throws come in three colors, red, hunter green and deep blue and have scenes from all around the Bay: sadly, some that no longer exist except in our memories. They are a good size and 100% cotton and make wonderful Christmas gifts or gifts for the volunteers who come to help rebuild. Throws are available for purchase at C.J.s. restaurant in the historic Depot District or you may contact us directly. The total price is $45.00 each or $40.00 on multiple orders. I have several that I purchased when they first came out and I still use them to cuddle up with while watching TV. (from Terry)
They really are great and they honor a city that is "A Place Apart"…
Contact Hope Haven Shelter at:
PO Box 3777Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39521

1/14 - yes, Terry said people can order through the Pay Pal Account online. $45 + 10 in shipping.
I emailed Terry to see if folks could order these through Hope Havens existing Pay Pal account. Will let you know when I know!

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