Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Manna Ministries

Manna Ministries offices are located at 795 Memorial Blvd Picayune, MS 39466
Manna Ministries medical clinic and food, clothing distribution is located at 18 Stafford Road Picayune, MS

We have changed our clinic days. We are now open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday to better serve our community.

Manna food & clothing distribution has been serving peoples physcial needs of providing them with food and clothing for over six years. We serve approximately 500 families a week with food and clothing. We also serve our community throughout the year with special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and in times of disaster.

Manna free medical clinic began operation in 2005 a life long dream come to pass. The medical clinic was instrumental during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. We were the only medical help in our city due to our hospital being severly damage and unable to function. With the help of local Doctors and Nurses we were able to provide much needed help to thousands of people. The medical clinic provides families without health insurance medical services.

The Haven is our ministry to mentally and physically challenged people. We allow parents to enjoy a Sunday service while our staff and volunteers minister to their children in a service specifically designed for them.

Drug Assistance Program. Our drug assistance program helps people without insurance work through the paper process to help them get the medication they need for free or at a reduced price.

Benevolence. Our benevolence program helps people get back on their feet when they have gone through a tragedy, disaster or in need of emergency funding. This is run every month and we help as many as we can or until our funds are depleted for that month.

Home food and clothing delivery is for those who are home ridden and those without transportation.

Manna Crossroads is our food and clothing distribution to the Crossroads, MS area and Southeast Louisanna area.

The Pines Retirement food and clothing delivery has been added to assist those who need help but can't get to the Manna Building.

For more information on Benevolence contact Jameye or Dixie at 601-798-4511 or or

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