Thursday, June 15, 2006

WQRZ 103.5

10/26 Sent to me by Brice of the radio station
sara you were excellent on the bill moyers piece tonight. congratulations and thanks so much from all of us at prometheus for the work and advocacy you do for community can watch the piece here if you missed it:
with thanks and love from all the prometheans,
hannah s.

10/23 The Giving Circle's Make a Difference Day Project
Radio Station WQRZ in Hancock County, Miss., served as the emergency broadcast center for the entire county during Hurricane Katrina. It was the only radio station that stayed on the air during the storm at great risk to the owner and operator, Brice Phillips, earning him a presidential award for volunteerism. The entire station eventually succumbed to the storm, was submerged in water and destroyed. We intend to make a difference by helping to get WQRZ back into a permanent, hurricane-resistant structure. A team has salvaged electronics from the original station location in preparation for demolition. Oct. 28 will be "Demolition Day" where team members will help to demolish the structure. Ultimate goal of the project is to procure a half-round steel building and help re-establish the station's emergency services so that people can be informed in the event of another emergency.

It's a tad long, but well worth the read.

WQRZ 103.5 (Live from ground zero) Hurricane Katrina Radio

We are proud to be the 1st Amateur Radio Organization Owned Broadcast Facility in the US (and proud Mississippians) to serve our State and model top the country as the First Broadcast Station to be attached to an Emergency Operations Center.

We of course lost everything except #1 our lives and # 2 our commitment to our community to serve as a facility built to survive another Camille. We have succeed and are proud (most importantly blessed) that we could serve our wonderful community as the only surviving Radio station (expecially the worst and most destructive, no words or pictures can describe the damage here in Hancock County)

As Christine and myself continue to volunteer to our community and the Hancock County EOC, we and the Non profit Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (owns the license WQRZ) have no way or resources to rebuild our personal lives much less the HCARA and its facility. We unfortunately are on SSI and the Corp has not been able to raise more than $10,000.00 in 3 years of our operation. We were granted a power upgrade from the FCC to serve this community for safety of life, health and property and distribute vital information directly out of the EOC to the public. We ask for your help in support of our petition to theFCC in the public interest for our permanent WQRZ upgrade to a full powered class A broadcast station for our community (rain shine or God forbid another Katrina) to be built and further continue our development of HCARA's community service radio protection project. We have had wonderful support from EMAC teams that have come here and they all now want to model after what our organization has accomplished in support of our emergency operations center here in Hancock to implement back at their EOC's all over the country.

Please support our mission to serve our community and assist us for the recognition that we developed here in (my home.and the station..what used to physically left) Mississippi.Christine and Myself are proud as disabled citizens to have the motivation to have entirely build, staff and run WQRZ for our community.

We will send more data for your information about us. We humbly ask for your help. we have our lives and our radios, we are truly blessed.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide, We are proud to volunteer our service as a hopefully continued support function of this Hancock County EOC and a continued model to other EOC's what we will continue to do to pioneer our concept and develop it's insurmountable concept to serve each other in this lifetime with the abilities you have (not disabilities that can plague you..he..hee :0 )

Thanks gang!!!

In volunteer service, Brice L. Phillips KB5MPW NCS035WQRZ Katrina RadioStudio # 5 @ Hancock County EOC in Kiln, Ms. 228--463-1035 HCEOC PIO 228-466-8250

Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
PO Box 1145, Kiln, Ms. 39556-1145

PS Please acknowledge our Emergency Management Director Brian "Hooty" Adam who has done an outstanding job for this county and the state for his dedication to the people and the insight to support our (HCARA) concept to serve above and far beyond any other broadcast station commitment to the safety of life. (and putting up with us too....)

Mobile Hancock County Emergency Operation Center Unit # 082905

Music therapy and Laughter is truly the best Medication!!

God BlessWQRZ Community Radio Station (Katrina Radio)
4340 Indian Street
Bay Saint Louis, Ms. 39520228-463-1035

Serving our community "Rain, Shine or God Forbid another Hurricane Katrina"
1st Amateur Radio Based Organization Owned Broadcast Station
The Power of Radio is the Point!!!


Please Write Letters to our Public Officials To Let them know about our CRITICAL FACILITY.

We will not be eligible for PUBLIC ASSISTANCE GRANT to help us REBUILD unless you help us convince them that this 1 of the 4 surviving Radio Stations out of 41 throughout Miss Gulf Coast and New Orleans, WQRZ is truly a CRITICAL FACILITY!!

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At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you rebuilt your home, I saw on a Public TV station here in Ft. worth your home was destroyed. e-mail me and let me know. If I can assist in materials let me know.


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