Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hancock County Fishermen

6/5 - to help support the fishermen, please go to the Advocate blog:

Since talking with Yvonne, a fisherman's wife, I've been doing some reasearch and letter writing in hopes of getting some support from other commercial fishermen from around the country. Well, it's paid off to an extent.

A lady I wrote to from the Chesapeake Bay forwarded my email to a man who represents the Gulf Coast in lobbying and grant writing. He called me and then snail mailed me several items. George Barisich is not only a lobbyist but also a fisherman who lost everything. He's getting the same run around all the other fishermen are getting, so he's not sitting pretty in DC crying crocodile tears for you guys. He can't get a loan because he doesn't have enough collateral and can't get a grant because he has too much property. Cute, huh?

The Vietnamese fishermen have gotten huge sums of funding, but for some reason, none has been allocated for the fishermen who have been doing this for generations. He's trying to resolve this by getting new legislation introduced, but I need more information before I can really spread the news about that one.

You NEED to join up with him. I do understand the fear that one of you will get more than the other, but you'll surely get MORE with George than the big fat nothing you're getting now without him.

Some information from his newsletter:

1) If you claimed Disaster Unemployment Assistance and only got $98/week, but can prove you should get more, refile. By fighting for the money, you WILL get back money owed.

2) If you had only 1 vehicle that had liability insurance on it, but lost it, you should qualify for $4500 from FEMA. Call them and keep bugging them until they tell you what you need to prove the claim and you'll get the check.

3) If you bought a generator before 11/12005, you should be able to get reimbursed. Ask FEMA about it.

4) If you are filing, or have filed for a SBA Loan for your commercial business, call the Wildlife and Fisheries to get a print out of your trip tickets - if you don't have current copies. 225-765-2801 - they'll tell you how to get the information. George worked this agreement out, so thank him!

5) The FCC has authorized giving hurricane victims a $130.00 credit on cell phone bills. Call your cell phone provider or go online to find out how to get this credit.

6) Catholic Community Services is offering a one time payment of up to $300 to pay rent or utilities. Baton Rouge number is 225-336-8700. You could also qualify for a furniture allowance.

7) If you were denied rental assistance because you had flood insurance, don't give up. Keep bugging FEMA and appealing. Flood insurance never carries living expenses.

8) Possible Grants - - 1-800-FARMAID
Economic Development Disaster Relief Grants - Federal Home Loan Bank - 800-362-2944
Power of Hope Grant - 888-355-8168 or 601-397-2865

Possible Loans
Emergency Farm Loans MS - 601-965-4300
State Sponsored Bridge Loans - 800-360-3323

9) - Fishermen's Net was significantly damaged, but some of the products are still in tact. Warren is selling damaged goods for 50% off. Call him @ 504-382-3235 to see what he has.

10) There is a health care plan being formed through the UCFA. It will mean a slight increase in dues, but with health care being so expensive, please consider it.

Seriously consider applying to the Organization. He has worked tirelessly AND is getting results. With even more of you behind him, you will ALL benefit. He's asking for only $25, along with your information to better assist you. You can call Joey Latapie for more information and to get a membership form - 504-881-9552. You won't be sorry.

The stronger the voice, and the squeekier the wheel, the more help you get just to shut you up! That's how Washington works, so make it work for YOU!


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