Friday, June 16, 2006

SBA Loan Update

From Brice and folks at WQRZ:

Good afternoon,
Pursuant to your request I'm pleased to provide the following information (as of close of business 07/14/06) representing Hancock County.

Home Loans Approved - 4,846 for $466,257,900
Business Approved - 785 for $101,091,300
Total Loans Approved for Hancock County - 5,631 for $567,349,200

Should you have any question or need additional assistance, please call or e-mail at the address below.

Mary S. Gipson
Public Information Officer
SBA Disaster Assistance Office
Field Operation Center East
Atlanta, GA
Team ODA: Working Together As One

7/14 A very common complaint emailed to me and very well said from G in DC

My friend in Jackson has a very unique situation and having dificulty resolving her issues. In April or May her homeowners insurance was cancelled without cause. You can’t get insurance as long as there is a named storm in the Atlantic. No one takes on new customres during hurricane season. Her mobile home was smashed by a tree and as a result twisted etc and got rain inside causing tons of black mold.

She is self employed as a book keeper but most of her business was lost. She has not been able to find a decent property since the storm. sBA has offered her $50K for home and business losses. Just before the storm she replaced all her fruniture for $10K.

This is up near Jackson - not by the coast. So you see the difficulties are very wide spread. We have no idea what it is like to live through a real disaster.


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