Thursday, June 29, 2006

County Public School Article

Found on Sea Coast Echo
Hancock School Board calls Kopf on pay raise
Jun 28, 2006, 14:32

Hancock County School Board rejected a proposed pay raise for all school district employees and put a supplement package for Hancock High School coaches on hold last week after District Four board member Peggy Ladner raised questions about each of the recommendations.
Superintendent David Kopf recommended the salary scale for the upcoming school year at a special meeting Friday.Kopf's recommendation called for a 1.5 percent raise for all district employees. Ladner questioned the recommendation, citing that Kopf's salary was included in the scale.
"The superintendent's salary is supposed to be negotiated," she said. "The superintendent is not supposed to recommend his own salary. The superintendent must be removed from this scale."Ladner showed other members a copy of the school board policy. The policy verified her claims that the superintendent's salary must be negotiated by members of the school board, she said.
Kopf offered to not take the raise and he asked Board President Morgan Ladner put the matter to a vote.
"I'm OK with my current salary, if the board approves the increase to the rest of the district," he said.
Peggy Ladner wanted Kopf to change his recommendation to take his name off the scale. Kopf refused, and a roll call vote was called by Morgan Ladner.
Morgan, Peggy, and District Five member Patty Stennett voted "no" to the recommendation. District One member Packer Ladner and District Two member Rose Acker voted "yes."
Peggy Ladner also raised questions about the coaches' supplement pay for the 2006-2007 school year.
She asked to see the supplement pay for other surrounding school districts and she questioned why some coaches were going to receive more supplement than others.
Coaches are given supplemental pay as well as a teacher's salary. The supplement is for the additional time they spend coaching.
The board agreed to set the recommendation on the coach's supplement aside to the July 6 meeting. The school board announced it will have a projected $200,000 shortfall in revenue for the upcoming school year. The $200,000 is much less than expected, Kopf said, and the board plans to make the same request for funds from the board of supervisors this year.
"It would be tough to go to the tax payers and ask them for more money right now," Peggy Ladner said.


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