Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hancock County Animal Shelter

12/22 - An accurate video for the Coast, not just NOLA:

11/19 If you're thinking of donating to the animal shelter, Sierra Trading Post has a GREAT sale on collars and leashes: - Clearance - Bargain

Based on the idea from the movie “Calendar Girls”, FRIENDS produced this calendar to call attention to the plight of the animals in Hancock County. Due to the great success of our 2005/2006 calendar “for the guys”, we’ve made the 16-month, 2007/2008 calendar “for the girls”.
We didn’t have a 2006/2007 calendar due to Hurricane Katrina.)This year’s calendar is called “Coastal Treasurers II, Boxers & Bowsers”. Since our ladies calendar two years ago was so successful, we decided to do a men’s version. This sixteen month calendar is a must buy. See the men of Hancock County and their pets in our latest fund raiser. All the animals in the calendar were rescued or adopted from a shelter.
Click here to see a few samples of the photos from the “Boxers & Bowsers” calendar.
The cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping, per calendar. Send check or money order (sorry, no credit cards, and please, no cash) payable to:
“Coastal Treasures 2” Calendar
Friends of the Animal Shelter in Hancock County
P.O. BOX 2274
Bay St. Louis, MS 39521-2274

Friends of the Animal Shelter in Hancock County, MS(a registered 501c3 non-profit organization)
P.O. Box 2274
Bay St. Louis MS 39521-2274

Welcome to the new web site and Hancock County, MS.
We had lost our .org domain name for a while, and therefore all of our E-mail addresses, and our original web site.

Also, Hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage to our offices, files, computers, supplies, and much more.The storm-damaged animal shelter is condemned, but still manned by an employee and still receiving animals, but all animals that come in are sent to shelters around the country.
For information on the shelter, please call (228) 467-0230

Special Needs” Animals & The GUMBO Fund
The Gumbo Fund was created to help sick & injured animals who were brought to the shelter and needed medical attention. The shelter has no money in their budget for such care. A beautiful German Shepherd was brought in with a badly shattered leg. When he was brought to our attention, we sent him to an orthopedic specialist and his leg was repaired. We also placed his story on a Shepherd rescue web site and donations began to come in to help defray the costs of his care. Thus began the GUMBO Fund. We don't know how this dog named Chester was injured, but the vet speculated that he was beaten with a baseball bat. Chester now has a new lease on life and lives in a wonderful home with a loving family.We have also helped many other animals through the generosity of our animal loving supporters. We helped care for a Skipper Khee with a broken leg and pelvis, some Bassett puppies needing intensive care, and many, many more.
To see some of the animals that currently need your help, please (

If you would like to adopt one of these animals, or for more information about these animals or the GUMBO program, please call:
(228) 216-PETS (7387)(if no answer, please try again later.)

All donations and/or memberships that are specified for the GUMBO fund go into that fund to provide needed medical care for animals that are in the Waveland Animal Shelter.

“FRIENDS” Wish List
The shelter can always use the following items:
1. Cat and dog food.
2. Cat litter.
3. Newspapers.
4. Your support, financial, time, or otherwise, to help us and the animals recover from the losses we suffered from Hurricane Katrina.

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