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Letters From Katrina

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In the spring of 2006 Growing Field Books began donating books to a single elementary school in Colorado. Inside each book students were invited to write a pen pal letter to an elementary student in Mississippi. Today the project has grown to over $20,000 in donated books, includes dozens of schools, classrooms and grade levels from Colorado to California, includes thousands of students and has generated thousands of letters written between children.

Today, these heartwarming letters of hope, encouragement and friendship are being offered to you in the soon to be released book “Letters From Katrina.” 100% of the proceeds from this project will be donated to create the Katrina Endowment and will generate a lifetime of scholarship opportunities for every child in Hancock County.

Buy your copy of Letters From Katrina today and be inspired by the hearts and minds of our youngest and greatest generation.

Each letter reminds us all that we can truly change the world when we learn to ask not about gender, race, religion or socio-economic status- but instead ask one another the magical question that will truly change the world…”Would you be my friend?”

Letters From Katrina is not about looking back in fear or focusing on destruction. It is about hope, about inspiration and friendship and about the example set by the children of our country.
Make a difference today! Purchase your copy of Letters From Katrina and help every child in Mississippi understand that while the storm may have been able to wash away much of their past…it cannot touch their future!!!!

The Katrina Endowment was created for the children of South Mississippi who were directly affected by Hurricane Katrina. It is intended to provide graduates of Hancock and Harrison County schools with the opportunity to attend post-secondary education with up to 100% tuition scholarship. You can review the Katrina Endowment program details by opening this document

You can also donate directly to the Katrina Endowment below. Please know that 100% of all donations go directly to the Endowment.The Endowment’s Tax ID is 37-1514239.If you prefer, you may send a check made out to:

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Please include on the memo line: The Katrina Endowment

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
4745 Wheaton Drive, Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and inform me of your remarkable project, Letters from Katrina.

This book sounds like an amazing collection of compassionate stories and a true testament of the human spirit. And it’s wonderful that the proceeds will directly benefit the children of Hancock County, Mississippi – you should be so proud of your dedicated efforts to make a difference.

Again, thank you for thinking of me and I wish you much success on the release of the book.

Maria Shriver
First Lady of California

Mark Hoog’s book YOUR SONG was an incredible gift to the children of South Mississippi but the letters of love and encouragement inside made them real treasures. When Mark came to present the books he brought his wife and children and a dear friend/photographer Kim Lemaire and her children to share the gift.

Mark and Kim don’t just talk about friendship and hope; they have embedded themselves into our lives and our community. They have taken our stories to their own communities in Colorado and California and far beyond and from that this beautiful project LETTERS FROM KATRINA was born. What an amazing gift of hope and future to our children

Thank you to our angels of hope and friendship.

Dian “De” Ross
Brain Food Literacy Founder
Gulf Coast First Book Volunteer

I fell in love with the book at first glance! The pictures, the letters, the tidbits of information touch on so many memories we all share from those days after the storm. Kids are so resilient and can frame our emotions in just a few actions or words. This book does an excellent job of capturing post-storm feelings. Job well done!

Kim Stasny, Ph. D.
Bay St. Louis – Waveland School District

I'd like to personally thank you and the rest of your group for taking such an interest and making such a difference in the lives of these kids. Many individuals and groups have offered and given assistance in the aftermath of Katrina, but few have given long-term assistance as you have. Thanks again and God bless you for the important work you are undertaking.

Myron Labat, Sr.
Principal, Second Street Elementary

Upcoming Events:

January 15th. Loveland, Colorado
Mark will be speaking at Monroe Elementary in Loveland, Colorado. All day plus parent night at 7:00 PM. []
February 21-23. San Diego, California
Mark will be speaking with Olympic Gold Medalist Mike Eruzione at the Digital Solutions Cooperative Conference (DScoop) []

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