Thursday, March 15, 2007

Volunteer Update

3/19 Well this is a very slow time for what ever reason. Almost nothing going on. On the birght side, six firefighters from Sterling VFD in Virginia, are volunteering out of the school. They stopped by here first delivering toilet paper and to say hi.

There are four drivers in the group. The deputy chief is with them. Plans are to fix them up with a pager and radio for their duration. At least if the defication happens to hit the rotary oscillator help is available.

Pulled in last night. It's a little rainy off and on . Chief Jones is just about out of service due to his back acting up. The church camp next to the fire department has been moved off the water plant property one lot to the old Post office property. There is a new playground with equipment for kids.

In Waveland, Bucks/Montgomery Co. PA helped build $1.25M children's center that opened this week. There are numerous offers to bid on various projects for Waveland Schools.

Waveland had a St. Patricks Day parade and is having another St. Patricks Day Parade this coming Saturday. According to the paper 60 people were arrested for various violations and about 50 this past week.

A crew from Collins FD, Eire County NY (Buffalo area) is coming down in a week or so. The biggest need all around is cash. We kind of knew that but I just got anther request yesterday to donate turnout gear. Not much is really needed equipment wise as much as cash and operating expenses. I hope to get out to Moss Point today if not I'll try Monday.

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