Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Powerhouse of Deliverance Church


Powerhouse of Deliverance Church
1278 Washington St.
Bay St Louis, MS 39520

501 C-3 Non-Profit Organization
Case Manager/PHD

Since joining a few news groups, I have found out there are so many more organizations doing work with the long term recovery efforts. I knew there were, I just couldn't find them when they weren't on the web.

Well, the Powerhouse of Deliverance Church is one of them. And the only reason I found out about them is because Cardia and Joe Williams announced they were moving their efforts over to this church. Wow! Finding new groups, or they finding me, is like Christmas for me.

They are working on building a website, hope for it to be up and functional by January. There is an article with their Pastor Reed contributing heavily to it:
Also - a slide show of work being done at the church to ready it for this new mission they've accepted:

The church is part of the Long Term Recovery effort, and are moving rapidly to becoming a long term recovery center, doing case management, housing volunteers and establishing a very much needed food pantry.

To donate or to request more information about volunteering through them, please contact Cardia at cwillone@mchsi.com


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