Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tape and Texture Sheetrock Classes

Katrina Relief at the City of Waveland will be conducting classes for those interesting in learning how to Tape and Texture their sheetrock. We held our first class on Friday for a group from Phillip Morris - and it was a great success with two homes being completed that day.
There will be another on Wednesday (11/7?).
Contact Waveland City Hall: (228)467-3425.
Class is about an hour and then the group will continue to work with the instructor on a local home. These classes will be held once a week and homeowners are invited to participate.The class will be taught by Mike Smith from the Waveland FireDepartment.
If you were good with Play Dough as a child - Mike says you can learn to Tape and Texture. With the chronic shortage ofvolunteers available to do this finish work - we are offering homeowners the opportunity to learn how to do the work themselves. And -if you're in the class you may find the class being held at your home!
Donut donation required!!!
The volunteers work best high on sugar and coffee!
Kathleen Johnson
Hancock County Long Term Volunteer
Director Katrina Relief / Board Member Waveland Citizens Fund
Waveland City Hall #8,
335 Coleman Ave.,
Waveland, Ms. 39576
Office (228) 467-3425 /


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